Thanks so much Meera for your coaching session. It really motivated me to change my approach towards team networking. One to one session was conducted with real efficiency and yet, in the short time frame, you managed to make us feel relaxed about airing problems and helping us arrive at possible solutions. The real benefit came where you managed to help us open up discussion of what everyone was thinking. I can honestly say that putting your tips into practice made me feel more confident and helped me in getting more feedback on my work from seniors. It was the most useful and enlightening coaching session I have had in the last eleven years!!! So thanks once again :))

– Ashwini Shailesh, Associate Director- Operations, Frost & Sullivan

What I liked about Meera’s session was the way she helped me set the list of top priorities and the way she streamlined them into smaller actionable items. The whole session was packed with a realistic and pragmatic methodology and I walked out feeling empowered and more goals driven. Thanks Meera! We could perhaps make it a monthly/bi-monthly occurrence in order to ensure more impact.

– Anjana Venkataraman, Senior Research Analyst, Frost & Sullivan

The session with Meera was well-structured. It did help me in identifying the major areas of concerns. Also, the suggestions from the coach were precise and clear in order to defining the approach for improvements. I liked the ways the coach analyzed both intrinsic and extrinsic factors and addressed them based on my needs and my current challenges. I look forward to recurring sessions where the improvements are continuously tracked.

– Vivek Suresh Prasad, Senior Consultant and Analyst- Northern Sky Research

To say Meera’s session is extremely helpful is an understatement. She makes you feel safe and comfortable from the get-go and let you pay attention to ‘what you really want’ and how you want to achieve that. She listens, takes notes and provides ample opportunity to ensure that discussion is free flowing, yet structured and meaningful. Her scientific approach is effective and you will see positive result almost instantaneously. We chatted for 90 minutes on work-life balance and towards the end of the session, she made me inherently realize, in-order to prioritize work and social life with equal élan, you have to learn to say both ‘YES’ and ‘NO’. Kudos to her! I am already signed in for the next session. Don’t do this for free :-)

– Koustav Chatterjee, Principal Analyst , Frost & Sullivan

“Meera asks the right questions to lead me to informed and solid decisions. She has helped me to focus and prioritize. I have been better able to look at problems in balanced and multiple ways, thus finding very logical and meaningful solutions. The coaching received from Meera is definitely helping me to become a better professional and hopefully a good leader in times to come! Frequent coaching sessions will help to monitor and review the progress in my leadership journey.”

- Prasad Bajirao Mane, Senior Vice President & Practice Leader, DNA Consult

I had a very fruitful session with Meera, I went to the session with a different mindset and a problem/situation for which I was finding answers, But the interaction gave me a much broader perspective and clarity on my vision. The session was constructed in such a way by Meera that I answered my own question at the end of the session. Overall it was a great experience and I am glad I had this Interaction. As we progress through our journey of life, we dedicate time and effort towards our work and responsibilities, at the same time it is very important to invest time in ourselves and sit back and recall our journey as well as plan for the future. During this process a coach/mentor plays a very important role to streamline your thoughts and give you a proper direction and confidence by appreciating and correcting you wherever necessary. We should definitely have such sessions on a periodical basis.

- Suraj Godse, Research Analyst, IDC

The 1:1 Coaching was very helpful for my communications development and increase my confidence level through this training I now have a vision about my future in terms of career wise and also strong impact in personal decision making skills. The public speaking skills was improved in this training. Totally it was very good training conducted by Meera and I didn’t have any opportunity to participate in such training’s in my previous organizations a big thanks for conducting such a great training sessions and sharing your knowledge with me. Looking forward to get another chance to participate in your training program in the future also.

– Arun Appadurai, Business Presentation Specialist, Frost & Sullivan

“I took part in Meera’s one-on-one coaching session which helped me in getting some amount of clarity and control over professional as well as personal aspects. With her professionalism in coaching and mentoring, she offers new perspectives to explore and approaches issues from different standpoints which prove to be helpful. Give it a try.”

- Mugundhan Deenadayalan, Industry Analyst, Frost & Sullivan

“Thanks Meera for the wonderful session. It was really nice to have this session and seek answers within. The suggestions and pointers from you made the session thought provoking and showcased a road map for the future."

– Krishanu Banerjee, Senior Consultant, EY

“Had good conversation with Meera, she was quick enough to find my problem and gave me few suggestions. I request everyone to attend the session and sort all your problems.”

– Mahesh Rathinavel, Finance Executive, Frost & Sullivan

“Had good conversation with Meera, she was quick enough to find my problem and gave me few suggestions. I request everyone to attend the session and sort all your problems.”

– Aravindhan Pillai R, Research Analyst – RRD

The coaching experience was extremely helpful as it allowed me to openly discuss my thoughts and ideas and during the conversation I was able to find answers to a lot of my queries and clarity around doubts.

- Nandini Bhattacharya, Industry Manager, Frost & Sullivan

The one on one session with Meera was very enlightening for me as now I have a clear vision of what I want to become and how I am going to do it. The notes that I have taken out of it will surely help me grow professionally and personally. I look forward to implementing the changes and see myself in a better place than I am today.

– Shruti Pathak, Research Analyst – Mobility, Frost & Sullivan

“The 1:1 session with Meera was really helpful as she guided me on how to manage my temper and how to make use of it in a positive manner. She also helped me to understand the importance of setting goals for better results in life.”

- Amrutha V U, Team Lead0 Marketing, Frost & Sullivan

At the starting of the session I was heavily loaded with lots of unresolved queries, complicated that has been much reduced at the end of my coaching. Feeling light & comfortable, I’ve found myself able to say what I’m thinking, feeling sense of confidence. I found this coaching very helpful.

– Sathi Basu, Operation & Administration Executive, Frost & Sullivan

“I felt Meera provided a good peaceful platform to air my views or thoughts, without any judgment in words or body language. Most of her insights were spot-on and I could feel that she did it with a good heart and a desire to help however she can. It would be prudent to listen to a professional assessment, done by such a qualified person.”

- Barath Subrahmanyam, Business Development Manager, Frost & Sullivan

“We should always be optimistic towards our goals and patience is the key to success. It was a great and informative session.“

– Rashmi Prabha Thakur,
Business Development Specialist , Frost & Sullivan

Had a great session with Meera! It helped me get back on track with what I want in my career and life.

– Pratulya Sivashankar,
Consultant, Sofies

Interesting and insightful conversation!

- Juan M Gonzalez,
Research Director- Information and Communication